Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get Custom Order

This is one of my fitted diapers requested with "no closure" by one of my customers.
 It has a cute outer elephant cotton print and a supersoft inner minky layer.
I offer 2 custom slots per week. This could vary depending on the size of the diaper order. I may possibly offer more slots.Your name may be placed on a waiting list if necessary.

Payments accepted are: credit/debit thru Checkout by Amazon(works like Paypal,but better),postal money order or RME.

Custom diaper prices:
(Prices for small thru large sizes;for xl,add $1.25 to price shown)
Contour Diapers--$6.00
Fitted Diapers--$7.50
One Size Fitted $8.50
AIOs and Pockets--$8.50
Fleece Diaper Cover--$8.00

If you want inner minky,fleece or french terry on your custom diapers, there will be a slightly higher price.

You can see my available fabrics here:
Please email me letting me know the following:

1. How many diapers you want
2. Style of diapers you want
  3. Size of diapers you want

Email me at:

After receipt of this information, I will contact you informing you of how long it will take me to complete your order. Once we have made an agreement, a button will be placed on the blog for you to pay with. Custom slots require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total.

Special Request-- 1 AIO and 1 Pocket Diaper

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