Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello world. My name is Tiffany and I want to welcome everyone to my cloth diaper blog. I'm a SAHM mom and seamstress that enjoys sewing cute baby items. I began sewing and few years ago.

Recently, I decided to open Serene N Dainty Cloth Diapers to focus on offering my services to the public.  My focus is on your babies comfort. I sell products that are of high quality and durability. 

You can purchase cloth diapers from me in an economical way. I have many instock items that are available for next business day shipping. I also take a limited number of custom orders per month. If you see an instock item that you want, please email me regarding your interest. If you are needing a custom order, please contact me by email also.

 I live in the Illinois area, but I do ship items worldwide. Please email me if you have any questions. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone. Thank you for visiting.

Also offering diaper covers and pockets and aios on a limited basis.


I learned about the modern cloth diapers online. I was so amazed at how far cloth diapering had come. After much research, I decided that I wanted to try cloth on my little one. I then realized that by buying the diapers new, I would'nt be saving anything by moving towards cloth. The cost of cloth diapers online was astonishing. Some cloth diaper sites were asking $19 and up for each diaper. If I wanted 20 diapers, that would have added up to $380.00!!! That is simply unbelievable.

Soon after, I started purchasing fabric and began sewing my own diapers. Sewing my own diapers was more economical. Economics was one reason I started Serene N Dainty. I wanted to offer affordable cloth diapers to other moms. The response that I have received from other moms lets me know that I was not the only one looking for an afforable diaper online.

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